About us

We dream about the country where Poles and foreigners could live together in peace, with dignity and respect. Thanks to our actions foreigners have a chance to learn Polish, participate in vocational trainings; families are assisted with finding accommodation and children with entering the state education system. We teach Polish students that everyone, Chechen, Tibetan or Syrian, is worth our respect and friendship.   
Małgorzata Jasiczek-Gebert Refugee.pl Foundation was officially registered in January 2015. It continues the work undertaken, for 22 years, by the Polish Humanitarian Action’s Refugee Assistance Centre.  The foundation was established by the former PAH’s employees.

We are focusing our actions on:

1. protection of human rights in Poland and abroad;
2. building an open civil society, preventing intolerance, discrimination and racism, as well as promoting civil activity and responsibility in Poland and abroad;
3. preventing social, economic and systemic marginalization of special risk groups;
4. delivering humanitarian aid in Poland;
5. supporting, encouraging and promoting cultural, scientific and educational activities, as well as promoting Poland, its culture, traditions, artists and their achievements;
6. supporting voluntary work and civic attitudes;
7. increasing awareness of the society on migration and forced migration issues.
People working and collaborating with the Refugee.pl Foundation has an extensive experience in work with migrants, repatriates and refugees, as well as in an implementation and management of large-scale national and international projects. All of the board members have a broad knowledge of migrations and forced migrations, supported by a number of publications, speeches at national and international conferences and participation in working and expert groups.

Refugee.pl Foundation collaborates with a broad range of actors among others with: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Polish Office for Foreigners and multiple national and international NGOs.
In September 2015 the foundation was appointed, among three others, a member of the Interministerial Team for Resettlement and Relocation of Refugees, which is an auxiliary body of the Prime Minister (Ordinance No. 88 of the Prime Minister). The President of the Foundation is also a member of the Ombudsman’s Migration Committee.