Are you willing to support our work? The Foundation is currently raising funds to finance our actions which support refugees in Poland. The funds raised will be used for:

– integration activities
– layette sets for newborns
– medications
– teaching Polish

Please use the following account number to make your transfer 91 2030 0045 1110 0000 0402 1930 with the note “Refugees” or “Statutory activities”.

You can also support us with monthly PayPal payments or standing order from your bank account.
Every donation counts.

Feel free to email us at

For Polish tax payers, donations are tax deductible, if they are not exceeding 6% of the obtained income. Please keep in mind that every cash donations should be documented with paying-in slip.

Organise fundraising event celebrating your special occasion
If you feel like celebrating your special occasion in a notable way – get your friends and family involved. Ask your guests to donate their money, that otherwise would be spent on your presents, to the Foundation and let your festivities to become an opportunity to do something good for others.
Weddings, baptisms, birthdays or any other occasions gathering your friends and family could be a wonderful opportunity to raise money to support actions of the Foundation.
If you decide to follow through with this idea, please do let us know. Your story could become an inspiration for others. We would also be happy to see and share some photos from your fundraising event.
There is no need to register a fundraiser, if all the donors are your friends or relatives. Just collect the money and then transfer us the donation. You can use a basket, box or any other container to collect the funds from your guests and later wire them to the Foundation’s account.
You can also ask your friends for online donations.