Agnieszka Kunicka – Chairwoman

She is an archaeologist, a graduate of University of Warsaw. She received her postgraduate degree in management from Warsaw School of Economics. She had worked in Polish Humanitarian Action for 10 years, firstly as a volunteer, then Finance Department Coordinator and the Head of the Refugee Counseling Centre. She initiated and organized programs and projects for migrants and Polish society. She coordinated the team of 150 people. She speaks Polish, Russian and English.

In May 2011 she has been elected by Irena Lipowicz, the Commissioner for Human Rights, a member of the Commission of Experts for Migrants support. In 2015 she was also a member of the Interministerial Team for guaranteeing security in the process of resettlement and relocation of foreigners. She loves photography which she studied for three years.

Jolanta Binicka – Treasurer

She is a trained gardener, however, she is much more passionate about working with people. She has started helping others in 1997 when her friends lost their house and all the savings. She started working in Polish Humanitarian Action in 1999. Firstly, she was a volunteer and at the end Deputy Head of the Refugee Counseling Centre. When Polish Humanitarian Action decided to close down the Centre Jolanta started working at the Board.

She had trained tai chi and kung fu for over 20 years but she eventually decided that she wants to devote her energy and time to do something better. In her spare time she walks the dogs from animal shelter.

Maciej Fagasiński – Secretary Staff

Nela Brzezińska

She is a kindergarten teacher  in the Centre for Foreigners in Debak. She was born in Kiev. She has been working with refugee children since 10 years. She teaches through art using her theatre experience. She organizes theatre groups for Polish and refugee children. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her three children.

Katarzyna Lis

She coordinates kindergarten and day care centre in the Centre for Foreigners in Linin. She obtained her degree in history of art and pedagogy. She has been working with children and young adults since many years. In Copernicus Science Centre she was a guide, in Caritas Drohobych (Ukraine) she worked with children from poor families and in Fundacja Wspierania Rodziny Adams she organized workshops. In her free time she enjoys reading, jogging and travelling.

Katarzyna Ułłowicz

She is a kindergarten teacher  in She enjoys working with children and young adults and has a lot of experience in this field. In she has started a new chapter in her career – working with foreigners. She appreciates peace of mind and therefore in her free time she mostly relaxes.

Zuzanna Wójcińska

She is a social worker in She is a psychologist. She has been working with refugees since 14 years. She has taken parts in different projects for both adults and children. She loves long journeys and rock climbing.

Iwona Cichowicz

She is a social worker in She has been working with foreigners as employment counsellor, trainer and project coordinator. She sets up professional competence development workshops, inspires to self develop and search for alternative career paths. She sets up also artistic and multicultural workshops for children and young adults. She is actively engaged in helping migrants in regards to both their work and private life. She is in love with photography, the Caucasus and the Himalayas. She is inspired with Tibetan Buddhism. She leads a healthy lifestyle and can’t imagine a day without travel literaturę.