Professional training courses

Starting February 2019, we are starting a new project: Professional training – new skills, better life.

The courses help foreigners gain new skills. Additionally, the certificates awarded by Polish training centers make employers more confident in new employees’ skills, which makes it easier to find jobs.

However, professional training courses are not only a great opportunity to enter a new profession. For many years now, we have been working with foreigners, helping them develop new skills and find employment. Our experience shows that those activities have a major impact on improving the level of integration with our society.

During the course, participants must be able to communicate in Polish and read materials in the language. This helps improve their Polish skills, as well as meet new people and ways of finding work.

The opportunity to learn and find work positively impacts foreigners’ mental health. The difficulties related to everyday activities in a foreign country and lack of opportunities cause a lot of foreigners to struggle with depression. The participation in trainings and the perspective of obtaining work help counteract this problem.

The project is financed by individual donations. If you support our vision of integration through work, you can support us through or single or regular transfers to our Fundation’s account:

PL 91 2030 0045 1110 0000 0402 1930.