The Foundation is currently busy with two large scale projects co-financed through the Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), which falls under European Union funds,  and through government funding. The Office for Foreigners serves as a partner to both projects.

The „ 5”  project is focused on laying a foundation for the integration between foreigners applying for refugee status and Polish society at large. The key components of the project are as follows:
• Hosting “intro to Polish society” workshops in Centres for Foreigners in Linin and Dębak.
• Hosting informational and educational workshops with professionals (e.g. medical help, job hunt advice) in Centres for Foreigners.
• Running a pre-school and an after school club for children living in the Centres for Foreigners.
• Hosting open days in Centres for Foreigners for both the foreigners themselves and locals living in the area in order to facilitate integration.
Social assistance and information offered in the head office in Warsaw and in the Centres for Foreigners in Linin and Dębak.

The second project, “Dexterous Lawyers- help and legal advice”,  offers comprehensive help and legal advice free of charge to persons that have applied for international protection in Poland and are either residents of the Linin or Dębak Centres for Foreigners or live in the greater Warsaw area. The lawyers offer appointments in the Centres, in the Warsaw head office as well as give assistance through phone and email. Furthermore, information meetings are held for those entering the asylum granting procedure, which help prepare them for the process and serve to answer any burning questions.