Migrating exhibitions

Contact us if you want one of our migrating exhibitions to be displayed in your city. We provide the artwork for free – we only ask you to cover the cost of transportation.

The “One step away from paradise…” (“O krok od raju…”) exhibition
This photojournalism collection contains photos taken during the last migration crisis in Poland and on the European borders (authored by two artists). The exhibition has already been presented in the following Polish cities: Warsaw, Mrągów, Bielsko-Biała, Toruń.

The curator of the exhibition is the head of the Art Council ZPAF dr hab Andrzej Zygmuntowicz.

Technical information:

There are two cycles: black and white and colored

34 photos + curator’s commentary

50×75 cm

printed on pvc

framed in thin, black aluminum frames

two hooks mounted at the back of each framed photo

packed in three plywood boxes for transportation

The “One, two, three… You will be a refugee” Exhibition („Raz, dwa, trzy… uchodźcą będziesz Ty”)

this is the first exhibition to show the everyday life of refugees in Poland, through pictures taken by… children! The photos were taken in 2017 during photography workshops in refugee centers in Poland. Children aged 5-14, representing different nationalities, took part in the project.

The collection has been exhibited in Warsaw, Mrągów and Lublin.

Technical information:

50×37,5 cm – 38 photos


thin, black aluminum frames with hooks


_MG_3952 wyst